50+ Years Building Life Span.


Superior Resistance to Deadly Fire, Wind and Earthquakes.


Lightweight Concrete with Superior Thermal Mass Property - Zero Air Infiltration.


No off Gassing or Harmful Fumes.


Reduces Outside Sounds to a Whisper.


Non-Organic Material.


Lightweight - Easy to Handle.



Al Khajah Establishment dates back 37 years when Al Khajah Establishment and Factories opened its doors for business in electrical contracting and trading in 1972, and since then Al Khajah has grown to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of products. Our organization is proud to mention that this expansion into a variety of industries and contracting activities has given us a prominent position over the past two decades, serving the development needs of the Middle East and Asia. 

Initially, we perceived the need in Bahrain and surrounding Gulf countries for international quality air conditioning units, switchgear and light fittings. Thus in 1976, Al Khajah Establishment & Factories commenced manufacturing these items. Four years later, an extensive custom designed manufacturing complex was constructed in the North Sitra Industries Area to produce a wide range of industrial products for both local and international markets. It is within the manufacturing division that the company’s dedication to be “at the heart of progress and innovation” can be readily observed.  Diversification remains one of our strongest company objectives.

Through diversification, we have been able to develop our interests in contracting, trading and manufacturing construction development which has now become Al Khajah’s most expanded arm, which is associated with many well known firms worldwide. We consider it an honour to be able to represent international firms knowing that our efforts will continue to enhance the progress of the infrastructure of the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Al Khajah was the Middle East’s leading representative for some of the world’s most prestigious corporations, additionally, Al Khajah’s marketed a wide spectrum of products – from automotive to industrial equipment, luminaries, switchgear, fire rated security doors, fences, building materials, manufacturing of JMS lightweight concrete panels and corniches. Many of our business operations reach overseas, with a network of affiliations in countries abroad. We are the first custom factory in the middle east to manufacture JMS cellular lightweight concrete for floors, ceilings, composite panels, solar water heaters and insulated water storage tanks. Al Khajah is known as the leading manufacturer in the Middle East in energy efficient and saving products and applications, all our products are environmentally friendly and promote Green Living.

Our establishment, which is fully equipped with comprehensive and high-tech facilities, provides employment opportunities for a large number of Bahrainis and expatriates from all over the world. Today, Al Khajah has a diverse range of activities, General Trading, General Import and Export licenses, as an A Class General Civil Contractor, we have expanded into the field of property development. As an enterprise, we strive to uphold our commitment of providing high standards of service and expertise to accommodate our clients and partners. In doing so, we try to stay at the heart of progress and innovation at all times.

Al Khajah Establishment with the joint collaboration with JMS International LLC has a dedicated slogan, “To provide access to a experienced, professional, corporate Development Team, devoted to the cost effective, timely and strategic completion of our client’s real estate goals.”

We provide outstanding results with cost reduction, while maintaining total focused responsibility to attaining the client’s goals. It’s not about doing any site; it’s about doing the right site. With an “A to Z” menu of services, Al Khajah can take you from “Vision to Dedication”. Flexibility is the key to the services we provide to our Clients. From start-up to green and growing; from mid-size to established, our goal is to provide a full menu of Development Services, executed with focus and exacting standards, in a cost effective manner.



ENERGY SAVINGS: The energy saving feature of JMS Panels chiefly embodies in heat preservation.  Major materials adopt anti-freezing and heat preserving environmental protection materials with good heat insulation and preservation functionality, which could adjust the indoor temperature at a constant range with no variance, thus achieving the effects of ecological adjustment.

THERMAL VALUE INSULATION: Structures built with JMS has proven to save owners and occupants up to 50% on their energy bills. To offer identical thermal insulation as a 100 mm thick JMS wall, the equivalent thickness of a dense concrete wall would have to be more than 5 times thicker (i.e. 500 mm) and ten times heavier.

SOUND INSULATION: Due to its high sound insulating properties it is used as a sound barrier between suspended structural floors, where its light weight and strength is an added advantage. 

FIRE RESISTANCE & GREEN: The surface layers the JMS system has Energy Saving Boards on both sides of the panels, specifications are 4mm calcium silicate boards and the interior material is a mixture of expanded polystyrene beads (EPS), cement, sand, water and bonding agents. Our boards have a fire rating of 4 hours and are incombustible. The fire rating of JMS Eco Panels concrete is far superior to that of brickwork or dense concrete. A 100 mm thick wall of 1200 kg/m3, offers fire endurance (heat transmission) of four hours. Moreover, there are no dangerous fumes or spread of fire as experienced with plywood partitions having rigid (styropore, urethane) insulation material - often the reason for loss of life of entrapped individuals due to toxic fumes during fires. Our boards does not harbor or encourage vermin.

DURABILITY AND MOISTURE RESISTANCE: The water absorption of JMS Sandwich Panel is lower than standard conventional concrete. Reinforced slabs were produced for tests in our panels of densities between 600-1400 kg/m3, where the non-protected reinforcement was covered with 25mm of cellular concrete. After four months, tests confirmed there was no corrosion on the 1200 kg/m3 specimen.


The JMS Panel Interlocking System is a complete light weight concrete forming system, with significant advantages compared to construction with other building systems.  Thermo-insulation of outer walls has become an imperative in the present day world, in an era of energy saving and environmental protection. If we decide right away not to consider the building system of the outer walls with thermo filling in between as irrational and costly, particularly on the structures already made, two procedures are customary - to cover the facade with mineral wool or to cover it with styrofoam panels. Both procedures are much more expensive and technologically more complex than using the JMS panels on the same facades, particularly if thermically stabilized and weather resistant materials are used, such as the “Rockwool” mineral wool or the “Styrodur” as stabilized and homogenized styrofoam.

JMS panels can be fixed in any weather, as their production raw material contains a special additive which makes them resistant to capilary spreading of water, and which also considerably increases the life and exploitation characteristics not only of the facade, but of the structure as a whole. JMS system not only reduces the price of habitable space, but also makes the living in the house built of JMS, comfortable. Thanks to its ecological properties. In the class of light-weight concretes JMS polystyrene concrete is one of the lightest composites and the weight up to several times smaller then the weight of similar materials. By using it for facade and partition walls the load carried by structural members becomes considerably reduced, consequently reducing dimensions, required reinforcement and weight of these members which has direct influence on the price of the building.

EASE OF CONSTRUCTION: The patented tongue-and-groove shaping locks each panel onto the others around it, making it easier to keep walls plumb and level.

TONGUE-AND-GROOVE SHAPING: Easy handling and improved size and reduced weight ease handling and assembly.

The JMS Panel Interlocking System significantly reduces the use of polymer cement to keep the panels in place, saving effort, time, and materials.